What is CU?

Hope Christian Union lives to serve Jesus. That might sound weird to you, but we aim to live by what is taught in the Bible. Living in all things for Jesus while at University. We are convicted Christians who want others to here about what Jesus has done in our lives. We're not a church, but just a group of bible-believing Christians who want to speak about him to Hope University. We all attend local churches, who regularly send speakers to our meetings and unite with us during on missions every year. CU aims to solely speak for Jesus at Hope, through organised events and witnessing through our daily life's, we encourage all who come to get involved in a local church, as the CU does not pretend to be one.

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What do we do?

7:30 PM @ The Chaplaincy

Our regular Monday meetings usually involve sung worship, a time of prayer and a bible talk. Each week we strive to encourage and challenge each other with what the Bible say's on every matter, while being genuine in our care of all come. As University is a complex place, the Christian Union aims to support Christians while they are university. Sometimes the odd biscuit is crunched.

Where do we meet?

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